Practical information for your stay

Here you will find everything you want to know and more. If something is missing, please ask us at the reception.

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Address Camping l’Aventure. Our address is “Camping l’Aventure, Le Léat, 73110 Presle, France”

Activities. We organize many fun activities for you and your children. Most of the activities at the campsite are carried out by our animation team. The outdoor sports activities are under the professional guidance of Vos Outdoor. You will find the entire program on the information board on the terrace. Some activities have limited slots, so please remember to register on time. Each Sunday morning, a briefing is organized in which all activities are explained and how to register for them.

AED. An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is available at the reception.

Alcohol. Light alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the bar. We do not serve spirits. Official rules apply to young people: alcohol may only be consumed from the age of 18. If you nevertheless allow your child to drink, this is entirely on your own responsibility. Alcoholic drinks are also not allowed for -18s in the large tent and at the campfire spots. If our team sees this, it will always be reported to the parents. We expect that parents address their children about this.


Bakery orders. A local baker delivers fresh bread to the campsite early every morning. Order at the reception every evening before 4 pm and collect in the restaurant from 8 am.

Big tent. A large tent has been set up on the playing field especially for our teenagers so they have their own place to chill. There is lighting and when the light goes out it is time to go home. We ask you to take proper care of the tent and items provided and everything is at your own risk. Alcohol consumption in/around the big tent is not allowed.


Campfire. Making a fire on your pitch and / or on the campsite is prohibited. We have 2 official campfire places for this, 1 at the terrace and 1 more for the young crowd at the top of the meadow field. Firewood is available. Important: there is no supervision and everything related to the campfire is at your own risk.

Chemical toilet. You are NOT allowed to empty your chemical toilet at the campsite. Because we are outside the village, we are unfortunately not connected to the sewerage system and use a septic tank. No chemical additive may enter there, otherwise things will get disrupted. In the valley near La Rochette is a place where campers can empty their toilet, where all chemical toilets can go. Use this GPS location (45.452176, 6.101880) or ask us at the reception.

COVID. In France we follow the French rules. Keep your distance in public spaces and if you have symptoms or doubts, get tested

Credit cards. You can pay by credit card at the reception. We normally create a tab for whatever you consume/use/order during your stay so you can check and pay for everything at once upon departure.


Dentist By appointment (0033 476 45 13 34) you can visit the dentist in Allavard, a 15-minute drive away. Dentist / orthodontist Dr. Bealem-Collin, 21 Rue Niepce, 38580 in Allavard.

Disabled guests. For disabled guests we have a special shower / toilet unit in the sanitary building. If you have any questions, please contact the reception, we are here to help.

Doctor. By appointment (0033 479 25 53 88) you can visit the doctor in La Rochette, a 15-minute drive away. Doctors Jean Luc Bonhomme and Philippe Vittoz, Place Giabiconi 2, 73110 La Rochette.


Excursions. There are fun excursions almost every day! See ‘Activities’ for details.

Electricity. Every spot has access to electricity connection nearby and electricity use is included. We try to limit our energy consumption so most lighting is equipped with a motion sensor. Doing your part is appreciated.

Electric vehicles. There is no charging point at the campsite. In the valley in La Rochette there are 2, this is a 15 minute drive. ‘Réseau eborn Charging Station’ (Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 73110 Valgelon-La Rochette) and ‘KiWhi Pass Charging Station’ (6 Avenue du Centenaire, 73110 Valgelon-La Rochette).

Emergencies. 112 is your number for all emergencies. If something is wrong, kindly also let the reception know, or camping owner Jesse (+33 7 76048806)

Evacuation plan. The evacuation plan is available at the reception and is in your tent for information. Or will be given to you at check-in.


Fire. In case of fire, immediately use the fire extinguishers on the site. Have someone else notify a member of staff immediately so that the fire brigade is notified quickly.

FIRST AID. A first aid kit is available at the reception / bar and we are always happy to help you.


Information on your surroundings (see Local activities)

Internet/4G. The campsite has a great connection to the 4G network. Connect with your own mobile, normally at the same rates as at home. When in doubt, ask your provider. For our free WiFi, see ‘WiFi.


Jesse en Brechtje. Jesse and Brechtje are the proud owners of Camping l’Aventure and they are always there for you. Brechtje has an educational background and Jesse has his outdoor sports company Vos Outdoor. With Camping l’Aventure, a long-cherished dream has come true and they are happy to share it with you!


Laundry. Opposite the sanitary facilities are sinks for washing dishes and 1 large one for washing clothes. There is another one on the other side of the building. There is also a washing machine that you can use. Bring your own washing powder. The costs per machine are 3euro, just let the reception know when you are finished, and we will put it on your tab.

Local activities. There is a lot to do in the area. In the reception our Information folder is full of ideas about walks, markets, nice towns, wine routes, swimming lakes and much more. The animation program is on the board on the terrace, including all outdoor activities of Vos Outdoor.


Meals. What makes the perfect holiday? When you don’t have to cook! Every day our chef prepares a 3-course meal for whoever wants to join. The menu is on the notice board at the terrace. This dinner is served at 19.00 in the restaurant and costs € 15. For young people aged 10 to 16 years, the price is € 10 and for everyone under 10 years old it’s € 8. Water, table wine and lemonade are included. All you have to do is … sign up before noon.


Parking. Parking is free. Upon arrival we will show you where to park, either at the top near the gate or along the path down to the reception.

Playing field. There is a large playing field at the campsite. There is table tennis, you can play football and there is more sports and games equipment available. Please treat everything properly so that everyone can enjoy it. Next to the playing field is a slope with a stream. If a ball goes over the edge, do not get it yourself but ask a camping staff for help.

Postal service. To receive mail, send it to Camping l’Aventure, Le Léat, 73110 Presle, France. Clearly state your (booking) name and, if possible, the number of your spot. When something arrives we will let you know. Do you want to send something? You can buy stamps at the reception, we will drop it in the mailbox for you.


Reception. The reception is open every day from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. It is possible that we are busy somewhere on the campsite, if so, this is indicated and in case we we will be back soon. For emergencies outside opening hours, call Jesse (+33 7 76048806)


Sanitary building (see Toilets and Showers)

Showers. You will find the showers in the sanitary building. They have nice hot water, are clean and also free. Please leave the shower cabin clean and tidy for the next user. Use the wiper provided.

Swimming pool / Swimming: In La Rochette is the public swimming pool. The swimming pool is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It is important at the pool that the rules that are there are complied with. Especially for the men among us a tight swimming trunks is mandatory.


Terrain. The campsite also has a large forested area on a very steep slope. Entering the forest is entirely at your own risk. A part of the forest is easily accessible and a nice stream runs through it where children can perfectly explore. However, pay attention to the clif edge! To help you this is clearly marked ‘Beware of the cliff!’

Tipping. In France, ‘service charge’ is often already included in the bill en listed on the receipt. Extra tipping is not expected. Rounding up the bill is sufficient and appreciated. For all staff of Camping l’Aventure and Vos Outdoor we have a tipping box jar at the bar. After the season, in winter, we organize a fantastic ski weekend for everyone who has worked in summer. You are free to contribute, it is of course greatly appreciated!

Toilets. You will find the toilets in the sanitary building. As the campingsite is outside the village, we do not have a connection to the sewer system so we use a septic tank. That is why it is EXTRA important that NOTHING is thrown into the toilet. Only toilet paper. For anything else, please use the waste bins provided. Thank you!


Washing up. For washing dishes there are several sinks with hot water available outside the sanitary. Only use washing-up liquid, do not put anything else (no chemical products) into the sinks.

Waste. Waste is separated in France. You will find bins for plastic, glass, compost and residual waste at your camping spot. On each bin it says what it’s for. Full or checking out? The waste containers are at the gate. The compost bin is in the forest, towards the playing field. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

WiFi. There is a free WiFi point at the bar. This is mainly for checking email. Unfortunately, there is no fibercable in our valley yet, so the WiFi is not suitable for downloading films due to the limited speed. The WiFi is for everyone, please keep this in mind.